Vomit and discoveries (May 2017)

May 2017

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Flossie is now two months old and what an incredible last month we have had. We are exceptionally tired, in fact right now I am not sure whether I am dream writing this blog or it’s actually happening. I wish I could just press the pause button on the remote of life and soak in the beauty of our life right now, still at home just chilling in our pyjamas spending our days feeding and eating. Flossie right now is snoozing on my chest, her favourite place to sleep, we have tried all sorts of other positions to help her sleep including swaddling, on her side but in every position she just vomits and is very unsettled waking every 20 minutes or so which is just impossible to cope with so shifts it still is.


Flossie has continued to be extremely sick and our journey of breastfeeding has been nowhere near as straightforward as I thought it would be. I am so very thankful for the amazing help from a local breastfeeding support group and breastfeeding support team who come to your home and offer one to one support with positioning and attachment. Flossie just never opened her mouth, a fundamental part of a feeding we discovered! I ended up very lopsided with an abundance of milk as munchkin took a preference to feed from one side and took her time doing so, with a numb bum I recommend highly a comfy cushion to sit on and snacks around you – see my post on essentials for feeding. I have managed to start collecting some of the milk that I lose on the other side whilst feeding as she is a one side feeding girl and frozen it. Although what I am going to do with it I am unsure, I would like to be able to give her an expressed bottle of milk but not quite sure when and how we are going to start introducing this. I love spending my time with her but the thought of having a baby free trip to the shops sounds appealing, as no longer is it a quick ‘pop’ to the shops scenario it is more ensuring every eventuality is meticulously planned for.


Our DISCOVERY was after reading endless other people’s experiences of a sicky baby we discovered that Flossie may have a cows milk protein allergy (CMPA), however the only way of finding out was for me to eliminate it from my diet and then it would take 6-8 weeks to completely so we have begun the process. It’s important to say that her sickness was not her only symptom she also had mucusy poo (gross), persistent runny nose, big bags under her eyes, eczema and rash on her bottom. Now all these symptoms can just be normal for babies however combined together and her colicky nature pointed towards CMPA. I will keep you updated on our breastfeeding journey with CMPA. So far it has not been too bad giving up the chocolate and cheese although I am wholly aware that these cravings for foods that I love may be my battle of willpower.


The new development milestones she is now reaching are just simply adorable, we now have the wonderful grin staring back at us when smiled at with her big blue eyes – just simply melts your heart. Every squeak, kick and gurgle you try to catch on that camera I am soon going to need a phone with unlimited storage capacity… thank God for the icloud! I send hubby updates of her every movement throughout the day he must think I am going insane… which to be honest I probably am. I stood at the GP surgery for our 6 week check very frustrated at the computer log in because it said Flossie didn’t exist on their system only to be completely getting her date of birth wrong….mummy fail! You would think it’s a memorable date and I promise it is just so flipping close to mine, that teamed with insomnia I occasionally…. Well more than occasionally get it wrong.


Mirror Mirror

Oh the reflective piece of gloom! I thought 6 week post baby my body would have bounced back to resemble something near to what it was pre-pregnancy but my body obviously did not get this memo. My stomach still resembles a 6 month pregnancy appearance and I even had a lovely lady in m&s ask me when my baby is due?! Oh the shame! Breastfeed it burns 500 calories a day… this is true but when you consume more than that additional allowance in biscuit and cake consumption it’s beneficial properties diminishes, so therefore I either accept natures cruel way of recovering slowly or build some sort of exercise regime into my life, but right now the cake is still calling and I cannot function to my normal daily capacity let alone to exert my energy into exercise.


Goodbye until next month, where I hope to share more on our CMPA journey, giggles and more.

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Meet Me

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