Mini EasyMat – the nobody is unsticking this bad boy plate!

Mini EasyMa

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The tipped up bowl full of pasta, or worse rice! The thrown plate only for the dog to eat the contents before you are even aware of the commotion, and don’t even let the idea formulate of eating out in public! This was our life before we discovered the most amazing product the Mini EasyMat.

I applaud the creators of this amazing invention, we use it daily and everyone comments around how awesome it is. We have tried (and failed) use of other suction plates but always found little one managed to unstick them somehow, so I must admit when this turned up I was a little sceptical. Those notions quickly passed when sticking this down on our Ikea highchair, where it fits perfectly and Flossie tried with her best efforts to undo it and to my utter mouth open amazement it stayed perfectly in place.

To stick it down you apply the 4 corner suction cups, these are incredibly to use, just press down on each of the four corners and this creates a vacuum. The mat gripped well to all different surfaces in our home, the highchair, the wooden table and even glass.

The EasyMat is FDA approved and made of silicone making it super easy to clean, its dishwasher safe and can even go in microwave, although we have never done this. It comes with a lovely smiley face and 3 different sections so fabulous for putting dips in one part or some fruit with breakfast cereal. Flossie found that she could easily access all her food and choose what she wanted (meat) and leave the vegetables as she could see clearly into it.

The colours are fab, we went for the orange and it is just lovely and bright, it has kept its colour despite washing it up to three times a day, really must purchase another one!


The Mini EasyMat also comes with a lid and carry case so great for on the go and travelling, we regularly fill it with her lunch for that day, pop the lid on and bobs your uncle, lunch served on a plate ready to go! Pop it in the bag for extra protection and you will surely be the envy of all those yummy mummy friends.


For those of you interested it does fit most highchairs but the dimensions I have listed just to help for those unsure.


Length: 32 cm / Width : 17cm / Height: 2cm

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