Mini break in many senses of the word (June 2017)

June 2017

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June is such a busy month for us in terms of celebrations, its our 1st wedding anniversary, hubby’s birthday and father’s day (all in a space of 3 days) and never did we imagine it would be celebrated with a 2 ½ month old in tow, our dreams of a romantic weekend away were quickly abolished.


Hubby and I love to explore the beauty of our country and at weekends prior to baby would often jump in the car and go exploring in a new area. Having Flossie has certainly not hindered this passion but the process of going as a family of three was daunting but I am excited to tell you all about our first ever weekend break away to the stunning Stratford-upon-Avon.


To begin with, I just want to set the scene, I had spent many hours looking up places to visit of where we have never been and wanted to explore and stumbled across the picturesque town of Stratford-upon-Avon. I hastily booked a beautiful looking hotel within walking distance of the town and river and was super excited to share my findings with hubby. This excitement, of exploring somewhere new continued, and as we drove up the country the steady realisation dawned on me…. I had just been to Stratford upon Avon only a few months prior to having Flossie as part of a conference weekend! Nothing can be said for hubby’s face when announcing this news, he wasn’t actually that shocked as since having Flossie I have become a walking memory disaster and quite frankly away with the fairies. Research does show that women use a different part of their brain post baby and thus the term ‘baby brain’ well I stand by this and probably use it as an excuse far too much for my endless mishaps.


We tried to make the most of our weekend mini break and enjoyed the sunny weather taking Flossie on her first rowing boat experience. I had to squeeze the poor baby into a life jacket of which, again, failing as a mother managed to make into a strait jacket as forgot to take her arms out. I must say that if you ever get the opportunity to visit here it is gorgeous, lots of walks, river ways and steeped in history.


I am managing to write this blog from the comfort of the hotel room whilst daddy entertains our new giggle pickle. I must admit, after previously travelling with Flossie to Devon to visit family and taking the kitchen sink, how little we managed to pack for the weekend. I had made a vow to restrict our belongings to the boot of the car (we do own an estate so may be cheating) but apart from the moses basket we managed! I am hoping as we go exploring and travelling more with Flossie we will get even more effective at packing with children.


Breastfeeding has now become a lot easier and actually quite enjoyable, Flossie has mastered the art of opening her mouth and has shortened the amount of time it takes to feed quite dramatically to only 20 minutes or so (this was a 3 hour ordeal before). I must admit feeding her has really shown how much she has grown as now her feet reach the sofa when we feed of which she likes to kick and push around whilst attached to my nipple (ouch). I said I would keep you updated on the CMPA journey and I am pleased (to some extent) to say that going milk and soya free has made a MASSIVE difference to Flossie’s sleep, mood and more importantly her parents’ sanity. We no longer have any of the symptoms before and the vomiting has practically stopped apart from a few little slip ups I had and maybe tested whether it was all fluke (it wasn’t). Giving up milk and soya has not in the slightest being an easy road however I was determined to breastfeed and this seems such a small sacrifice for a happy content baby that we now have. I spend hours looking at the back of packets in supermarkets and have discovered some hidden gems to keep my sweet tooth satisfied.


Routines or lack of have been a topic of conversation recently not just at home but in baby groups we have attended. I would describe us as fairly ‘free’ in our parenting style flowing with Flossie and her needs and desires. This continued until one evening I had an epiphany that wouldn’t it be lovely to have some adult alone time in the evening, this isn’t because I don’t love spending my time with Flossie but because, to be completely honest, I was a little fed up of balancing her on my knees feeding whilst I attempted to eat my dinner with my spare hand. Thus the start of the ‘bedtime routine’ or our ‘mini break’. We found Flossie was getting tired around 6pm so we started a bath, boob and bed routine, she currently falls asleep feeding despite my efforts to keep her awake it is impossible, for those who have managed I take my hat off to you. I then do the slow rock into her moses basket scenario with every parent’s fingers crossed that the ticking bomb actually stays asleep and you can sneak away missing all those pesky creaking floorboards.

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Meet Me

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