Come and take a browse of everything health related from my newest project of A-Z childhood worries and illnesses such as bronchiolitis to zits in babies. I will also touch on our journey living with cows milk protein and soya allergy here and how to survive this without Cadbury’s dairy milk and a decent slab of cheese.

Please Note: The materials and information in these blogs are in no way intended to replace the professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor or medical professional. This website does not have answers to all problems please if you feel unwell, have medical symptoms or unsure about anything contact the relevant medical practitioner.

Posted by Hattie on July 13th, 2018

C for that dreaded Colic

This is a word that I swear is given to every baby at some point in their little baby lives, but do we know exactly what it is and how we can help those long crying episodes (the baby not ours I mean, although more on our crying later). I remember those early days when […]

Posted by Hattie on June 12th, 2018

B for Bronchiolitis

We hear about this illness so much in winter months but actually it is something that children can have any time of the year. I have personal experience looking after the babies on the wards with bronchiolitis and although these are rare cases of the illness it’s important to be aware how some babies may […]

Posted by Hattie on June 11th, 2018

A for allergy

This is my first post directed to the health worries those little munchkin’s can throw at us and to be honest this is the one that has probably had the most direct impact upon our family life. A lot of my friends have asked how did you recognise the allergy? How did we know it […]

Meet Me
Meet Me

Hello, I’m Hattie, rapidly approaching 30, mummy to the scrummy Flossie (born March 2017) and we live in the beautiful South of England. Here is my blog all about our loves and passions in life, those health related worries and some good old parenting tips and tricks.
I hope you have fun reading my blog and that you realise you are not alone; there are millions of mammas out there ready to offer their support and love.

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