Flossie’s birth story (March 2017)


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So here goes my first post of Flossie’s arrival into the world! We had no idea what gender our little one was going to be and this made her anticipated arrival even more exciting. There is a lot of debate whether to find out the sex prior to birth, many people asked us along the way. But despite my need for organising and planning we managed to keep this a surprise from everyone including ourselves.


We knew early on in pregnancy that we had to have an elective caesarean due to complications and surgery I had as a child (that is a whole other story). To some degree I was relieved that I didn’t have to experience the pain of pushing but then people had said the recovery is much slower post c-section. Signing those consent forms it quickly dawned the complications of what, as women, we downgrade a serious operation. I was terrified….petrified in fact. I was never the one who wanted the satisfaction or experience of a ‘natural’ birth however having a professional tell me I couldn’t do the pushing was, I will be honest, a little bit disheartening.


Now I could lie here and say I spent the days leading up to the birth ‘nesting’ however this is as far from the truth as one could get. We had decided, crazy or not, to renovate our home prior to having a baby, however Flossie’s conception was a little earlier then we had anticipated and therefore bringing home baby to a home that resembled something you see in the midst of grand designs, minus the ‘grand’.


We arrived at the hospital relatively calm, met our midwife who was amazing, honestly these people are incredible how they do this job with a smile on their face all day and look just as excited as you to meet your baby despite them meeting hundreds if not thousands in their working life. I had a cannula placed in and we were told we were the only elective c-section for the day which meant very soon we would be seeing our amazing creation. Our midwife then informed us it was time to go to ‘theatre’. Now I think both my husband and myself were expecting a white room looking very clinical and not at all homely, however, I cannot tell you our surprise when we led just next door, yes to the next room, where there were pictures on the wall and music playing in the background. Our consultant was amazing on the day, happy to oblige by my slightly obscure requests, such as the cord to stop pulsating on its own, allowing my daughter to squeeze herself out of my c-section (yes you read that right!, more on natural c-section later) and for myself to call out the gender of our baby.


I remember the section so clearly, there was no pain or even discomfort, the consultant checked in with us on several occasions to ensure I was comfortable of which I replied, feels like a massage…. Honestly…. I blame the drugs they pumped into me for this response, it was the first time anyone had heard a section described as something so pleasurable! Even the epidural that I had been building in my head as a super painful experience was far from it, just a strange sensation in the back especially as your legs feel super-hot as the drug takes effect.


The whole experience was so relaxed, talking away to hubby and the nurses throughout even joking around whilst I was prodded and pulled. After a few minutes we heard this almighty cry… yes she cried from inside the womb! our consultant pulled her out and asked what is it?… pointing her body in my direction of which I declared… a girl. This was a complete shock as most of our family and friends had made bets on a boy, my husband just couldn’t quite believe we had a girl and even for a few weeks still referred to our little Flossie as a he!


This is the moment where most people declare they were overwhelmed with love and as cliché as it is… we were. I shed a few tears as I snuggled her beautiful body onto me with Flossie frantically trying to suck at my nose, she was desperate to feed but unfortunately this would have to wait whilst I got sewn up. I just couldn’t get enough of her beautiful smell, her chubby cheeks and her warmth. I wanted to remain in that moment forever holding her but unfortunately had to pass her to my stunned looking hubby who had never held a baby in his life.


After a quick sewing job, a weigh in for Florence at 6lbs 15oz, we were taken to a recovery room where I remained on a drip of Oxytocin, meaning I couldn’t eat anything for a further 4 hours until this has finished, no-one told me this was part of the plan and anyone who knows me will understand how food is life for me and this was torture. Thankfully, I had the most gorgeous distraction to keep me entertained and managed to give Flossie her first breastfeed. This was the beginning of a whole new adventure….

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Meet Me

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