Easy peasy finger foods

Easy peasy finger foods

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A friend asked me today about finger foods, if anyone is like me I normally think about snacks when it’s too late and little one is looking at me with those hungry eyes and I have a nanosecond to turn around and magically produce those so called ‘finger foods’ to halt a massive breakdown in the middle of a public space.


I thought to help out I would create a simple list of 15 finger foods, I have even listed non cook fingers foods for those like me who would yearn to be a mini Martha Stewart or Annabel Karmel but unfortunately the culinary skills represent more of the school chef in the 90’s.


  1. Cucumber sticks – we also moved onto using a star biscuit cutter just for showing off!
  2. Cooked sticks of vegetables, sweet potatos, broccoli, courgette, apple, butternut squash, anything goes really.
  3. Slices of avocado
  4. Cold cooked pasta
  5. Sliced fruit, banana, oranges (found cutting the segments easier), any berries etc.
  6. Rice cakes can add peanut butter (be aware of allergies)
  7. Breadsticks
  8. Hard boiled eggs
  9. Cheese sticks
  10. Gnocchi
  11. Pieces of crumpets – low salt variety
  12. Cooked noodles
  13. Sticks/cubes of toast or sandwich
  14. Grapes (ensure half lengthways or quarter if younger!)
  15. Frozen yoghurt drops



  • Honey until 12 months of age
  • Salt in foods, no more then 1g a day
  • Goats and sheep’s milk/cheese
  • Popcorn – these are a chocking hazard
  • Raw carrots – leave until teeth very hard to crunch.
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