Doddl cutlery

Doddl Cutlery

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Cutlery is still not greatly used in this house, hands are by far the quickest and easiest way to shovel as much food into one’s mouth as possible, and to be honest we are a go with it house, embracing the mess through gritted teeth and allowing Flossie to do it in her own time. So when we stumbled across the renowned Doddl cutlery at first I was a bit reluctant to fork (sorry for the pun) out for them, but now so glad we did. I didn’t know much about doddl cutlery just had heard some great reviews online and thought we had nothing to lose.


From the moment they arrived all beautifully packaged Flossie couldn’t wait to get them out, so much that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the packaging. She instantly gripped them so much better than the other ones we had used and it was obvious her control was much better. The set came up with a fork, knife and spoon and what I liked is that they have metal eating ends which is much more realistic of adult cutlery. I also love the fact it comes with a decent knife to aid cutting own food although due to Floss only being 13 months we have not yet used this but I gave it a go and it cut through my food beautifully.

When you first look at the cutlery the plastic BPA free ends look very strange, the handles are designed purposefully for those little hands to grip and manipulate. Floss has moved on greatly with this cutlery now starting to stab food and scooping using the spoon however does still prefer to ‘share’ her cutlery with the floor. There are soft grip circles where the toddler/child holds the cutlery this mimics how they would progress onto holding adult cutlery in future when their grip is much stronger and defined. The knife and fork are fully certified as safe and as I said earlier are functionally sharp but amazingly do not hurt the little ones, no cutting the skin etc.

Another thing to wash, I hear you say but actually these have saved us having to wash Flossie’s hands more which she hates! They are also dishwasher safe. We love this cutlery and am so pleased to have purchased it and recommend it to everyone.

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