Boppi sand and water table

Boppi sand and water table

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Flossie absolutely adores water, bathtime is probably her favourite time of day whatever mood she is in, plonking in some water and she is happy. So for her first birthday she was blessed to receive this super colourful sand and water play.


The water/sand table can be used with legs on or off which is great if you have a little one not quite steady on their feet yet so could easily go from ages 6months right through to toddlerhood. It comes with two stools so for the older ones great for sitting and playing at with a sibling/friend. There is honestly so much going on I can’t describe it all, turn water wheels, slide, digger for sand endless hours of imaginative play and fun!


It also comes with so many additional toys such as scoops, boat, watering can, bucket etc all great for use in the garden and beyond, Flossie’s favourite was definitely the boat and the spade she used them in our flower bed to dig and eat the dirt when I blinked my eyes shut for that mothering nanosecond!



What I also noticed is handy, each individual square comes with its own drain so you could just let out water of one. Although I must say I found them a little stiff to undo, but it could just be my weakened, frail fingers from having to undo so many flipping toddler cups. This has definitely become one of our go to activities, now that I have finally persuaded the hubby (well his parents, thank God for in-laws) to finish the decking, Floss now has the added luxury of playing inside or outside most of the day and I can see everything from the kitchen, so this table gets use on a daily basis.


Although this was brought for us I would honestly say no matter what one you buy having a water table is by far great fun for young and old alike and also for stimulating those senses in the younger ones.

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