Flossie and Flo is my new parenting blog based from our home in South of England. Being a mum is tough right? We supposedly become this walking talking encyclopaedia of knowledge but actually underneath we are just making most of this up right?? Well, that is exactly why I started this blog, I wanted to share some of this knowledge about health, parenting and some life-saving sanity tricks that I pick up along the way. There is no ‘right’ way to parent just the one that works for you and your family. You will probably notice I am no photographer; there will be no glossy images of an immaculate home or child because that is just not possible for me. I am also not the best at spelling or grammar despite the amazing creation of Grammarly I still get it wrong so apologise in advance.

Flossie and Flo I hope will provide a good giggle, some helpful tips, maybe even inspire you.  The passion behind all this is to empower both mums and dads, let children be children, love the world we live in and learn to slow down and embrace changes that make us love life more as we only live the one we have once, so have no regrets.


About me

I am Hattie, first most mummy to a very smiley Flossie. At the time of writing this page I am rapidly approaching my big 30 birthday, and although 2 years ago I would have been asked for ID at the cinema I can now saying having a 1 year old, working and trying to fit in so many baby classes and friends I can honestly say I have more of a tired, aged look about me now. I have an obsession with Pinterest, I overshare, talk too much and am in desperate need of sleep like most mummies. Reading is something I have enjoyed and you never know one day a book may be used for its purpose rather than a handy teething toy.


About Dad

Luke, hubby and daddy to Flossie is a very level headed person who loves anything technology based and Lego… yes, one of those AFOL’S (Adult fans of Lego)!!! So slowly our house is filling with lego and I think I am going to have to relegate it to the attic soon before I start having to cook with a lego pan. When he is not doing that he has his heads submerged in study books currently undertaking some major exams… not easy with a baby who seems to think it is socially acceptable to be bouncing on the bed at an ungodly hour of the morning.


About Flossie

Finally, Flossie herself the inspiration for the blog, is now 1 years old and is full of life, laughter and kisses. She loves, loves, loves singing and does not care if you are Pavarotti or more like blunders from XFactor. She also, unfortunately, has a cows milk protein allergy and soya allergy so I will try and put info out there on living with this and how we survived.

Meet Me
Meet Me

Hello, I’m Hattie, rapidly approaching 30, mummy to the scrummy Flossie (born March 2017) and we live in the beautiful South of England. Here is my blog all about our loves and passions in life, those health related worries and some good old parenting tips and tricks.
I hope you have fun reading my blog and that you realise you are not alone; there are millions of mammas out there ready to offer their support and love.

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